Paw Prints Around Town offers premier pet care for all of your animal companions throughout the Washington, DC area. 






"I have relied on Paw Prints since 2004 to care for my Lab, Diggi.  In addition to daily walks, Paw Prints has also cared for Diggi overnight.  Diggi even went on a camping trip with owner Lindsey and her family!  I have complete trust in the Paw Prints Pet Care team.  They are like Diggi's & my extended family!"

- Anicca (Owner)

Mickey & Mary Jane

"I just want to say how much I appreciate you caring for my beasties.  My feline overlords are always well and happy upon my return.  No snubbing, peeing on the bathmat, or urgent vet visits have occurred!  I couldn’t have this much fun traveling and adventuring without you guys backing me up."

- Ann (Owner)

Spunky, Bindi, & Ziggy

We met Paw Prints owner, Lindsey, in 2010 and are so thankful she is in our lives.  As crazy dog ladies, we have super duper high expectations for our three babies (Spunky, Bindi, and Ziggy).  Lindsey and team have taken such wonderful care of them and have surpassed our expectations!  Thanks for everything that you do PawPrints!"


- Kendra & Julie (Owners)

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