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LickiMat Classics come in different surfaces.  We carry Buddy and Soother.  

Orange Buddy™ has a more complex surface and still allows separation of foods and treats.

Green Soother™ is exactly what the name says.  It allows soft and liquid foods to be licked out with extra tongue simulation.


The surface patterns of the different models differ a little to better suit different types of foods, treats and liquids.  All surfaces are suitable for raw, wet, dry and liquid dog food, as well as any manner of treat. 


The Soother is the most challenging of the three surfaces, and is best suited for soft, runny and liquid foods and treats.  It is preferred for liquids such as the juice from BBQ chicken or roasts as it gives the tongue an exquisite workout.


All LickiMats Classics are microwave friendly, so you can cook meals on them in the microwave; they are freezer-friendly, so you can freeze treats on them; and they are easy to hand-wash in the sink.  They are all made from human food-grade rubber (TPR).


If you have a very large dog and you want to use the LickiMat as a feeder, you can use the Large LickiMat Buddy Large Classic.


If you have a cat at home, you can use the Classic LickiMat for cat too!


  • In order to keep our costs low, we have not enabled online purchasing.  However, when you see what you need here, simply contact me, Lindsey, at and I will deliver the goods right to your door, as long as you're in our work-radius.  

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